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Gay Days Disneyland Anaheim

October 5 - 7, 2012

The biggest Gay Day is back! For those of you who are local (or can be!), Gay Days presents an annual "mini" event. As always, the day just serves to help whet your appetite for the big event in October. But we will have a few fun things in store! Click Here for details!

History of Gay Days Disneyland Anaheim

Years ago, Disneyland used to have a private party one night of the year for gays and lesbians. When the event was canceled in 1998, we created Gay Day Anaheim. We based the happening on our big sister event in Orlando, Gay Day, which attracts over 100,000 gays and lesbians from around the world each June.

Like the Orlando event, Gay Days Anaheim is a "mix in," meaning gay people and straight people mingle together; the park is open to the general public. Also like Orlando's Gay Day, we wear RED shirts to identify one another and show our numbers.

The first Gay Days Anaheim in 1998 attracted about 2,500 people. Today the event attracts over 30,000 guests to the Disneyland Resort each year! Pretty amazing. What was once a small one-day gathering has become a full weekend event with parties, gatherings, group photos, scavenger hunts, private meals, and much more!

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